Mix- & pump systems

“Minimizing logistics, optimizes your efficiency”

These self-contained Mixing & High Pressure Pump systems offer the best of both worlds in one machine.

All Mix- & Hig Pressure Pump systems are diesel-hydraulic driven.

The great advantage of these units are the logistics savings, specifically on smaller projects. A quick start-up and rapid reduction.

Optimal agitation by means of a venturi, and built-in nozzle system pompelmixer

The Mix- & Pump systems are super quiet, designed to run under full load with closed doors. They are equipped with safety features (electrical and mechanical)

Standard equipped with a water filter and various models are equipped  with an inlet connection  for recycled mud.

They have extra thick steel piping and a curved tank bottom for accumulation and optimalisren flow.

A crane for big bags also belongs to the possibilities.

All units sandblasted abd painted in a 2 component colour of choice.