Mix systems

“A good start of fluid preparation is half the battle”

SiteTec has a wide range of Bentonite Mixing systems to meet up with the required capacity of the HDD Drill Rig.

The Mix systems are equipped with a centrifugal pump with Hard Iron Mechanical seal and available with a diesel or electric engine.

The Mix units up to 500 Ltr/min are equipment with a UV stabilized PE Tank. From 500 Ltr/min up to 2500 Ltr/min the Mix systems are equipped with a steel tank featuring a curved tank bottom for optimal flow and to prevent settlings of debris.

The Mixing of the bentonite is done by means of a Venturi-system and an in-tank Nozzle system.

The main advantage of the Mixing units is the extra thick steel piping’s, easy operation,  maintenance and quickest rig-up and down time.