Recycling systems

“Save the environment whilst minimizing mud costs and optimizing total proces control”

These recycle systems are based on the latest design of recycling technologie for HDD operations.

The units range from 300 L/min up to 2500 L/min. The capacity of a 2500 L/min system is actually is 2500 L / min, based on 20% solids in, less than 1% @ 60 sec. viscosity, 1.2 gr/cc. gravity.

Features of the recycle units like foldable walkways, hydraulic height adjustment of the shaker beds and special airbladders instead of old-fashioned springs, optimize the logistics for the system.

The shaker beds on the recycling units are workin parallel which offers the big advantage that one can stop an individual shaker bed for screen change or such whilst keep recycling over the remaining shakers.

All the recycling units are sandblasted  and painted in 2-compoment RAL colour of choice.