R2500E Recycling system

These recycling systems are based on the latest design of Recycling technology for HDD operations. Features like the foldable walkways and special airbladders instead of old-fashioned springs optimize the logistics for the systems.


  • Plug and Play unit. Upon arrival only 2-3 hoses and the generator need to be connected
  • No heavy lifts with frame parts, hoses, piping or such is required. Only opening of the foldable walkway and safety rails setup.
  • No parts like the shakers have to be secured before transport which save even more time.


  • 2500¬†ltr/min. Is actually¬†2500 ltr/min! 20% sand inlet, less than 1% out @ 60 sec viscosity 1.2 gr/cc spec. gravity


  • The shakers are working parallel which offers the big advantage that one can stop one shaker for screen change or such whilst keep recycling over the remaining shakers. So one shaker cannot cause a complete standstill of the entire unit. When used on smaller sites one may only use two or three shakers.

CE certification of conformity as well as full manual is included, and system is sandblasted and painted in 2-component RAL colour of choice (non-metallic) including inside if the tanks

Dimensions 7,6 x 2,4 x 2,5 mtr
Weight 12,500 kg
Capacity 2500 L/min @ max 20% solids in, less than 1% out at 60 sec. vicosity
Cones 18 x 4" Cones + 18 x 5" Cones
Screen area 8,8 m2
Drive 3 x 45 Kw electro
Pump 3 x MCM Centrifugal pumps
Tank 7,5 m3
Optional - Transfer pump
- Tank verlenging +4m3@ 9 mtr of 8m3@ 12 mtr
-Electric valve on outlet with remote control box with 20 mtr cable

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