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We like to give you a view on our production process!

We built our units in different phases. In the video below we show you a part of the production process of a mixing unit M1500E, a mix pump unit MP750DH, a mixing unit M2002E and a recycling unit R1000E.

  1. Design phase | When the question of the client and the wishes of the operators are clear, our draftsman and designer can get to work. With design programs, all components are placed accurately in the construction drawing. This is how we achieve the most compact design possible. We take the optimal cooling and the noise standards into account. It is important all components in the unit are easily accessible to carry out maintenance. When the draftsman completes the drawing, we present the design with everyone involved in the process. The construction phase starts after the final adjustments are made, and both the operators and client agree with the design.
  2. Preparation phase | The steel cutting of the framework of the unit is done according to the construction drawing.
  3. Compose phase | During this phase our unit is getting its recognizable shape. The framework is welded together. And we incorporate prefab parts that are alligned perfectly before being welded into the unit.
  4. Assembling phase | Main components are sprayed in customers RAL colours of choice, the unit is assembled. Wear parts are not sprayed and are assembled in the unit.
  5. Final phase | The unit is extensively tested in our workshop by us and our partners. Once the final checks have been completed, the unit will go to the customer. We always visit our customers at a job site to see our end product into operation. The role of the operators is very important, we learn from their user experience, together we optimize the unit. And then the best part of the project is there; together with a satisfied customer we admire the unit!

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