We know the drill

Dedication mixed with over 30 years of experience

Only the best is good enough

Your satisfaction

As a company our history dates back to the establishment of the HDD industry. In 2001 the company SiteTec was founded with the belief, “Only the best is good enough” which remains the guiding principle of our company today.

Built to last

Designed using our extensive experience we only supply top quality units, built for highest performance and durability

Details are not the details

They make the design

Specifically the smallest details such as: steel cable ducts to protect wiring on the units, double outlet on the recyclers, folded edges on the checker plated walkway preventing fall back of debris into the tanks, use of thick piping for longest lifespan, stainless steel control and remote control boxes, use of many Victaulic connectors and butterfly valves for easiest and quickest maintenance, sandblasted and painted in 2-component industrial RAL (colour of choice), also inside of the tanks and curved tank bottoms for optimal flow and to prevent settling of debris, all underline the thoughtful construction.

Everything in stock

We have a comprehensive range of parts available

Our stock not only includes the largest spare inventory, but also a full line of Tools & Accessories.

Due to standardisation in many components (like pumps etc) parts are
exchangeable between many units. This optimizes spare parts use
and eases searching for the right parts and so saves costs.

Total package solutions

We have your needs covered


Only with the right selected mud system the optimum is achieved from the drilling rig. Using our 30 year experience we are able to assist and recommend customers from offer until first commissioning on site. The weakest link in the whole process determines the success.

Units are designed for quickest rig-up and rig-down time and easy and efficient ­transport (ao. foldable walkways, no crane required for set-up and special airbladders that do not need fixation before transport). Therefore the systems offer the smallest possible footprint and the logistics have been taken into account from the first design.


Our service does not stop at just providing mud systems. We are there for our clients to fully support them up to and including transport. We thus offer a complete range of solutions, all under one roof.


When we say “Expert Included”, we mean it! Our team is knowledgeable, personable and eager to be of full support.

Custom build

Each customer has their
own ideas and wishes

Naturally SiteTec is eager to listen and learn from its customers. To a great extent the ultimate success
strongly depends on that. Although as much as possible is standardized and based on tested concepts, customer-specific build (or modification) of an installation is more the rule than the exception. Therefore SiteTec sees special construction as one of the biggest challenges and has made it the house specialty.