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Melker Baltik OÜ

In the Baltic states Melker Baltik OÜ is our dealer.

They operate in the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets. Since 1992 under the name of AS Melker and since 2011 under the name of Melker Baltik OÜ, based on Estonian private capital. Melker Baltik OÜ main areas of activity have been for over 25 years: construction machinery and equipment, road construction and maintenance, drilling and warehouse equipment. Long-term experience and a high level of service have enabled Melker Baltik OÜ to become a reliable partner for many strong companies and institutions.

Melker Baltik range

Melker Baltik offers you an extensive product portfolio. There are several sides they can help you with. The most important is of course that Melker Baltik can provide you with SiteTec tools. But they are active in the following categories:

  • Construction machinery and equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Road Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Warehouse Equipment
  • SiteTec in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian?
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