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Why choose SiteTec?

Our 30 years of experience and knowledge in the drilling industry ensures that we build units of the highest quality that are reliable and efficient. We acquired our knowledge in the field, so we know our industry inside and out. This enables us to design units that make a difference on every drilling site. Read our story to see where and how it all once started. 

We successfully completed two parallel drills under Cork Harbour (1023 metres and 1028 metres of 500mm SDR-9 Polyethylene pipeline), the longest Horizontal Directional Drills in Ireland. “Your Drilling Fluids Mixing and Recycling systems performed well and were a significant factor in the success of the project.’’

Ross Henderson

HDD Business Development
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For the last 14 years I have been responsible as a product manager for the Belgian HDD market. The expertise of the entire SiteTec crew is in their nature, which gives us -as a dealer- the excellent support to be successful. Over the years, we have jointly succeeded in developing the brand SiteTec, as a well-established devices in Belgium.

Kurt Drossin

HDD Product Manager
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We regularly use equipment of the SiteTec rental fleet on our many and special projects. When our equipment is not available or as an addition. The rental fleet is complete, the units are easy to operate and familiair to our operators. In addition, SiteTec provides good service!

Rein Jansen

Equipment Manager

What’s happening at SiteTec?


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