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Our story

Dedication mixed with 30 years of experience.

Trenchless technology has come a long way since the early 20th century when underground drilling emerged. It has advanced our infrastructure and brought services such as gas, water and telecommunications to our homes. When horizontal directional drilling (HDD) gained momentum in the 1990s, its productivity increased greatly. This was the time Corné Willemsen started his career, working for a local HDD company. He performed different roles in various innovative projects, first in the Netherlands and later all over the world. Being an operator himself, he acquired his knowledge in the field and learned the essentials of our business.

“Building top end units, built for highest performance and durability, that finish any job.“

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As the local firm filed for bankruptcy, Corné and his two business partners realized they had enough knowledge to start creating their own units that would actually make a difference. It was almost 20 years ago, when SiteTec was founded. He offered several ex colleagues a job and untill this day some of them still work together at SiteTec. The base of SiteTec was and still is today, about knowledge, experience and forming a great team together. Over the years, some people left. In May 2019 Corné bought out his final business partner, leaving him the sole owner of SiteTec. With the jubilee year of 20 years of SiteTec coming up, the company has established a unique team. Every single person has a specific expertise. This makes it possible to operate with a small team, and still make a big difference in our industry! Below we will introduce our team.


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Yuri Vlaar

Operational Manager
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Johan Schuur

Workshop Manager
Tessa SiteTec

Tessa Snapper

Ricardo at SiteTec

Ricardo van de Wijngaard

Field Service Specialist
Edwin from SiteTec HDD Equipment

Edwin Chaudron

Purchase and Warehouse
Corne Willemsen Owner of SiteTec

Corné Willemsen

Founding Managing Director
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Daan Hollander

Service Mechanic

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