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Custom built units

In addition to our standard units, we construct custom built units. These are challenging, innovative and educational projects! We take the wishes of the customer and their operators into account. Together we explore all possibilities for the best solution of every project.  See below some of our latest custom built units. If you want to have a specific unit built, with a higher capacity, a different engine brand PTO driven, a bigger tank or any other option, please contact us and together we can explore all the possibilities.

Pump | P2500EG650

2500 ltr/min | Electrically driven | Built-in generator

Mix pump | MP250H

250 ltr/min | Integrated on truck | Extra 3000 ltr tank

Recycle | R1000E

1000 ltr/min | Built in generator | Extra height for the UK market

Mix pump | MP1500DHC

1500 ltr/min | Built in hook arm | Complete crane 4,5 Ton

Mix | M1000EC

1000 ltr/min | 2ft ISO container | Complete crane 6,5 Ton

Mix | M1000EG

1000 ltr/min | Electrically driven | Built in generator

We make sure that even custom built units are easy to operate and easily accessible for maintenance. We incorporate the wishes of operators in our units and make sure they are highly efficient in logistics. Any customer’s choice of RAL-color is possible. CE certification of conformity and manual are included.

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