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Scorpion Oil Tools, located in Houston, manufactures and sells make up and break out hydraulic chain tongs for the resource drilling (oil drilling, gas drilling, mining, water well drilling, and others) and construction industries.

Scorpion Tongs at SiteTec

Also called breakout units, Scorpion tongs (which look like a Scorpion when in an open position) are safer than manual tongs and can be operated in both vertical and horizontal positions. We offer a wide range of tools that can fit any drilling application, including a bucking unit configuration (horizontal makeup / breakout machine), as well as portable breakout tongs. All Scorpion units can operate as torquing machines and breakout machines. We offer several Scorpion tongs and breakout units.

break out unit HDD
break out unit scorpion
Scorpion Oil break out unit

Scorpion Oil Tools

If you are looking for Scorpion Oil Tools, you have come to the right place at SiteTec. We can provide you with all Scorpion Oil Tools parts and tools. You can also contact us for advice on this brand.

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