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custom built

Custom built units are there to fullfill customer’s wishes that do not exactly match our standard units. Therefore in addition to our standard units, we construct custom built units. We take the wishes of the customer and their operators into account. Together we explore all possibilities for the best solution of every project.

Design phase
First when the question of the client and the wishes of the operators are clear, our draftsman and designer can get to work. With design programs, all components are placed accurately in the construction drawing. This is how we achieve the most compact design possible. For example we take the optimal cooling and the noise standards into account. It is important all components in the unit are easily accessible to carry out maintenance. When the draftsman completes the drawing, we present the design with everyone involved in the process. The construction phase starts after the final adjustments are made, and both the operators and client agree with the design.

Construction phase
Besides that we outsource components of the unit to our trusted partners, this allows parallel construction. The efforts of these experts ensure our high quality. Our job is to keep control over the process and adhere to the timeschedule. Ultimately, all components come together in our workshop, where the unit is finished by our own experts.

Final phase
Finally the unit is extensively tested in our workshop by us and our partners. Once the final checks have been completed, the unit will go to the customer. We always visit our customers at a job site to see our end product into operation. The role of the operators is very important, we learn from their user experience, together we optimize the unit.