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Biuro Handlowe RUDA

The Ruda Trade Office has been operating since 1989 with its headquarters in Katowice Poland. In the years 1990 – 2000 Biuro Handlowe Ruda conducted commercial and service activities, mainly in copper ore, zinc and lead mines and in quarries. One of the biggest breakthroughs in the company’s operations was the opening of the Service and Repair Department in Lubin in 1997. The branch provided our clients in Lower Silesia with professional service and made it possible to carry out comprehensive repairs of machines operating in KGHM mines and in opencast mines.

In Poland the SiteTec representative is Biuro Handlowe RUDA

Ruda-7 trade-office From the moment of its establishment, the company’s goal was and is to expand the group of customers based mainly on the reputation of our professional service. The old adage that the first machine is sold by a trader, and the next one, the service technician works perfectly in Biuro Handlowe RUDA’s case.

What to expect from Biuro Handlowe RUDA?

Professionalism, excellent training and knowledge of our service as well as quick response time to the needs of our customers mean that nearly half of the machines sold are delivered to satisfied users as another device. Any device has the right to break, but how quickly it is repaired and returned to work is of the utmost importance. In 2000, due to the decline in the prices of non-ferrous metals and the stagnation in the mining industry, Biuro Handlowe Ruda expanded its activities to the construction industry, thus ensuring a stable position of the company on the market. In 2002, the Service and Repair Department was moved to a new headquarters in Polkowice, which additionally increased the quality of maintenance services.

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  • Can I download a SiteTec brochure in English?

Can I download a SiteTec brochure in English?


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