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How to choose mud equipment?

To recycle, or not to recycle is no longer a question, it is a responsibility that every drilling company has nowadays. Whether the motivation is financial, legal, environmental or logistical, there is a need for a recycling unit. But how to choose mud equipment?

We like to help our clients in choosing the right unit, but also in operating the unit the right way. Because besides choosing the right equipment, adding the right fluids in the correct measurements and operating the unit in the right way, gives the ultimate result. Last week we went to our Italian dealer Vermeer Italia and provided a training for our customer. Not just SiteTec, but together with Marcel Bijleveld from CEBO.

Recycling units are used to recycle used drilling fluids. This process enables you to reuse drilling fluids during horizontal or vertical drilling projects. SiteTec has a range of recycling units that varies in capacity of 250 up to 4000 liters per minute. Our wide range of recycling units differ in sizes and capacity, but the field proven capacity regarding removal of solids is always the same. With a maximum of 20% incoming solids and less than 1% going out @ 60 sec viscosity 1.2 gr/cc spec. gravity. Depending on the size of the project, soil conditions and flow demand that there is a unit available which suits the job.

All units are easy to operate and easily accessible for maintenance. Our small footprint units are logistically highly efficient. It is a system of hydro-cyclones, shakers and screens, collectively referred to as solids removal equipment. This separates solids out of the fluid. It recirculates reusable fluids, consisting of bentonite, water and other additives, back into the active fluid system: this is a closed loop. The units are fully electrically driven.

Do you need to choose the right mud equipment? We like to help you with making the right decision, and provide a training if needed! Feel free to contact us!


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