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SiteTec believes in cooperation. We believe we cannot do everything by ourselves. We need to have partners and specialists to make sure our end product has the best construction and finish as possible.

For example the paint work, we could do that our selves, but this is not our core business or quality. So we have this outsorced and we cooperate with this partner.

Or the hydraulics and the electrics in our units. Not only is this process a specialists job, you cannot be the best welder and a hydraulic specialist or electric specialist. We prefer to have only the best in our units, therfor we partner up with a electrical company. They train and keep their staff up to date of the last knowledge. Their personnel finishes the job in our workshop. Whenever there is malfunction our reliable partner there to solve the malfunction.

Outsourcing the different components of the unit to our trusted partners,  allows parallel construction. The efforts of these experts ensure our high quality. Our job is to keep control over the process and adhere to the timeschedule. Ultimately, all components come together in our workshop, where the unit is finished by our own experts.

The unit is extensively tested in our workshop by us and our partners. Once the final checks have been completed, the unit will go to the customer. And with a great cooperation between us and our partners, it makes us proud with every job finished. We know we have used our skills and specialty, and we know they have as well!