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SiteTec wins the No Dig award!

SiteTec wins the No Dig award from the NSTT! the Dutch branche organization for Trenchless Technology. The Tonghand has been chosen as a winner by the Dutch audience for the most innovative product 2023. A very nice compliment for the hard work and the major investment we have made to bring the Tonghand from LaValley Industries to the Netherlands.

The award was awarded on the No Dig event on the October 12th in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. “We are very happy with this award and hope to contribute to a safer working environment at drilling locations. In addition to safety, we also hope that companies will soon experience that projects are completed much more efficiently and accurately. Thank you all so much for voting!” says Yuri Vlaar.

Learn more about theTONGHAND®

The TONGHAND® is engineered to be the HDD industry’s ultimate exit-side tool. It allows drill rods to be torqued and un-torqued with precision by a single operator from the comfort and safety of the excavator cab. TONGHAND® eliminates the use of back-breaking wrenches and removes personnel from working in danger zones. The tool mounts to any brand of excavator. The excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics safely and efficiently power the TONGHAND® system. The TONGHAND®’s telescoping roller arms are used to pick up drill rod. And securely lift, tilt, shift, rotate and precisely position a single rod or drill string under the total control of the operator. The patented TongVise™ easily makes and breaks joints with guaranteed precision. Whether working with drill rod, subs, reamers or other tooling. The TONGHAND® saves you time and money, while improving job-site safety.


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