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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is used for the construction of underground infrastructure. During this trenchless technique you need a drill rig, and several units that make the process possible.

The technique was first used in the oil industry. From the 70s it was also increasingly used to run pipelines under rivers, canals and big roads. From the 90s onwards, HDD is not only used for natural gas and oil pipelines. But also for the construction of water pipes, telecommunication cables and electricity cables. Especially in the last years the network below ground is expanding rapidly. This requires techniques that can aim with great percision, so no other cables are touched. SiteTec supports companies in the HDD branche. By selling HDD equipment for professionals. Besides the drill rig itself, every unit required on jobsite we offer. From recycling units, mixing units, pumping units, mix pump units to storage units. If the standard units does not fit your fleet we construct a unit that matches all your wishes.