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Check out VLST’s new unit!

Last week we delivered the new high pressure pumping unit to VLST! This custom built unit the P2000EG650 is styled by Oscar van Beek. The black grids make the unit look just that much better! Check out VLST’s new unit.

Equipped with a ST6070 high pressure pump, it has a capacity of 2500 ltr/min @100 bar. When there is no access to the net, the built-in 710 Kva Volvo stage V generator can be used. When this unit is fed by the net, it can run fully electric. Making the unit flexible deployable and ready for any project! The P2000EG650 is 7 meters long, making it easy to be shipped to different locations. Even more easy because of the hook arm system is on both sides of the unit; it slides eitherways up easy on a truck.

Building for VLST
Building for a company like VLST makes us realize how important the operators are for companies. The operator and his team are the people who need to work with the equipment. Therefor they take part in making the decision where to purchase the new machinery. During the design stage we had a lot of contact with Oscar van Beek; incorporating his wishes in the design.

Start up
Being on site while the unit took part of the first drilling meters, our service mechanic Ricardo van de Wijngaard, was there to witness the reaction of the crew. With the pump at just 45 bar giving a capacity of 1500 liters per minute, we couldn’t have made them happier. Because at this stage the P2000EG650 was also electrically feeding the mixing unit, the recycler and the hydraulic powerpack of the drillpipe flatbed. The unit was only consuming 53% of its capacity, so more than enough power left to feed an electrical rig for example. All of this at only consuming 40 liters per hour, this makes the generator an excellent fuel saving addition to the VLST fleet!

We wish VLST many succesfull drilling meters!

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