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High pressure pumps are used on jobisites. When pumping drilling fluids to the drill rig. During a horizontal or vertical drilling. SiteTec units are built to pump bentonite based liquids, grout and other drilling fluids. Our range of pumping units varies in capacity of 10 up to 3500 liters per minute and up to 150 bar. For example we have built the first pumping unit 20 years ago. And we have continued to improve these units ever since. By learning from our customers and incorporating their user experience in our design. We have optimized our range of pumping units to the highest standards available.

SiteTec has a wide range of high pressure pump units. All units are easy to operate and easily accessible for maintenance. Our small footprint units are logistically highly efficient. They can be equipped with different brands of pumps and engines. We can build them in open frames, fully sound attenuated frames or standard ISO containers. The units are either fully hydraulic, electrically driven or equipped with a stage V diesel engine.   Other requirements or wishes of customers and operators can be adjusted in all units.