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The longest Horizontal Directional Drills in Ireland

As  a machine builder and rental company of HDD Equipment, SiteTec does not directly see the results of the use of our machines. We do follow the latest developments and projects in our industry and are especially proud when a customer shares the result of a project with us. We couldn’t get a better compliment and more appreciation than the following:

“Your Drilling Fluids Mixing and Recycling systems performed well and were a significant factor in the success of the project.’’ says Ross Henderson, HDD Business Development & Design Manager at O’Connor Utilities Limited. During this project a M2502E, R2500E, ST2000E and a P2500D were used.


 “O’Connor Utilities successfully completed two parallel drills under Cork Harbour in March  (1023 metres and 1028 metres of 500mm SDR-9 Polyethylene pipeline), the longest Horizontal Directional Drills in Ireland. These pipelines will, when works are completed on the Cobh Networks Contract, allow the sewage from Cobh on the east of the harbour to be transferred to a treatment works at Shanbally on the west before discharge to sea, preventing 10,000 wheelie bins a day of raw sewage from Cobh Town being discharged into the harbour.”

O’Connor Utilities Limited has completed this project for Irish Water, in partnership with Cork County Council. To read the full article follow the next link: https://www.water.ie/news/cork-lower-harbour-projec/index.xml. Or watch this impressive YouTube clip below, to see  the first step in what eventually in 2021 will mean that 20,000 homes and businesses will be connected to the new scheme and that raw sewage from these areas will no longer be discharged into the harbour, positively impacting the local economy and greatly improving the amenity value of the Cork Lower Harbour for the surrounding communities.

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