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Gearench tongs tested by Klever

The company Klever shares their experience over the new range Gearench tongs. We visited the company Klever, the company is located in beautiful Benschop. Since the beginning of this year they have been running a test with our new range of Gearench tongs.

The reason that Klever decided to look for a different type of tong is the safety of the staff. They were pointed out by the labour inspection. The tongs that were used could move, bend and possibly shoot loose. This can cause dangerous situations, because the tongs could not be fully secured around the drill rod. The new Gearench tongs have a chain that wraps around the drill rod, this ensures that they cannot shoot away.

“In addition to safety, the tongs are easily adjustable in diameter. The disadvantage of the tongs is that the staff have to make a behavioural change. On site the chain offers more safety, but also a more difficult act for our staff, they have to get used to this. However, the safety of our staff is important and we really like the new tongs! Nice and useful to share this experience with colleagues in our industry.”  According to Klever

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