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Dealer visit from Switserland!

Last week the great team of our Swiss dealer DWL Baumaschinen came over for a visit with 4 customers, Drilljet AG, Rüttimann Leitungsbau AG, Spuhler AG, Chr. Müller + Co. Tiefbau AG.

We gave them a SiteTec tour and showed them several projects we are currently constructing for them in our workshop, but also projects for other customers. From mixing units to recycling units and custom built projects.

To see SiteTec equipment live in action, we went to a Welvreugd jobsite in Zeeland. Where they are drilling for an in and outlet for a fishfarm. We showed a high-end HDD project where they are busy with two drills, one of 500 meter and one of 300 meter. With Welvreugds 150 tonner, supported by a fully electric SiteTec setup consisting of a pumping unit P25000EG650, Recycling unit R2000E, mixing unit M2502E and storage unit ST1200E, they are forward reaming below a dike towards a floating barge in the Northsea. Divers in the Oosterschelde connect the coupling of the productpipe in the salty cold seawater. Very impressive, thanks for showing us Welvreugd!

After the jobsite visit we drove up to IJmuiden to receive a CEBO tour organised by Ferenc. This was the final business moment for this great group. We didn’t receive any pictures from the rest of the weekend, but we believe they enjoyed themselves as well during their stay in Amsterdam.

Thank you guys for your positivity, interest and the great time during your visit. We are happy to host these sort of visits again, since it has been a long time due to Covid. Please contact us if you want to visit us!

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