SiteTec’s new Series 3 Recycling Unit

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SiteTec proudly introduces the latest Recycling Unit in its range. The Recycling unit R2000E series3.

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This unit is very compact because the coarse and fine shakers are combined in one bed. However, the compact dimensions are not a restriction on it’s capacity. The unit processes 2,000 liters of mud * per minute. If 1,000 liters per minute is sufficient, the R2000E series3 can also function with a single shaker bed by means of a parallel recycling system.

The automatic recycling system ensures that the pit pump is switched on automatically when required. In addition, this model optionally has an extra storage tank for dirty or clean mud storage.

Concerning ​​transport and storage: with the help of the optional hook arm, the recycling unit can be placed on top of the bottom tray without the need for a telecrane.

advantages of the new R2000E series3 recycling unit:
  • compact dimensions
  •  can easily be transported
  •  is quick to set up
  • supports safe working
  •  is easy to operate


(* based on dirty mud with 20% sand)