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In touch with our customers; VLST!

As a machine builder we believe the right way to keep in touch with our customers is to meet up with them, offline or online, in the office, but preferably on jobsites! On site we see how units run and we learn from the experiences of the end users. That is why we like to be on the road to visit our customers.

The first week of 2022, our marketing manager Elsedien went to a jobsite.  She recently started working in the trenchless business. Due to Covid and the restrictions it brought, she has been out less often than planned. So we were happy that Arvid de Groot of VLST made time for her to explain a few things on site. After his promotion as CTO – technical director at VLST, he also strives to go out more often and to be more in contact with the different teams that VLST has. He explained that in addition to the permanent staff, a large flexible poule is deployed on VLST projects.

On the project that Elsedien visited in Meerkerk, a team with 7 crew members ensured that the job was completed within 4 days. Below the A27; the team completes a borehole of 410 meters for gas and water connections. Besides their Prime drilling 50-tonner, the SiteTec recycling unit -R1000E- and mixpump unit –MP1000DH- are running. Both units have already been succesful for many drilling meters, and are still working great. Arvid indicates that every VLST team has a SiteTec unit running. The crew that worked with the units on site are pleased with the usage and results that the units provide. The measuring equipment is from Brownline and is operated and read by Jeffrey de Groot. The drilling fluid that is mixed on site is bentonite from de Bentonietfabriek.

There is a good atmosphere on the jobsite, eventhough it is the first week of the year. The crew and Arvid are looking forward to the upcoming year. And rightly so, VLST is doing well, both in the Netherlands and internationally they are running many successful projects and the requests are coming in. From Taiwan, Denmark to Meerkerk; nothing seems to stand in the way of the growth of this beautiful company from Woerden.



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