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Meet our new service mechanic!

SiteTec believes investing in our own personnel and in youngsters! This is necessary to create a new generation colleagues in the HDD branche. That’s why Daan Hollander got the chance to follow a working and learning education at SiteTec. And now you can meet our new service mechanic!

Last week there were a lot of youngsters who finished their education in the Netherlands, according to Dutch tradition we hang out a flag, and we did the same at SiteTec! Our Daan has passed his Mechatronics school. Three years ago he started a work-learning path, 4 days at work and 1 day in school. He completed the course with great grades! As an employer, ​SiteTec​ considers it important to invest in good personnel and to give them the opportunity to achieve optimal growth. But in the end they have to do that themselves and our Daan did just that! #superproud

As of today, he is no longer an assistant; meet our new Service Mechanic!


Daan followed the course first Mechanic Mechatronics at the Makecentar in Utrecht. The training is interspersed with theory and practice. In the practice hall students can practice all techniques. They will learn the basic techniques for metalworking and techniques for assembling different products. In addition, they check machines and repair machines. Students combine mechanics, electrical engineering and technical computer science. The course offers modules such as Hydraulics, PLC and Pneumatics, Electrical Engineering and students learn everything about mechatronics and robotics. Daan also got his welding diploma.

Great to hear that he is not finished learning yet and will start the next course next year to become a Technicus mechatronic systems. Hopefully next year the flag will be out again!

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