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New range mixing units

This year the new emission requirements for diesel engines have been implemented in mechanical engineering. This so called stage V standard makes it compulsory to install cleaner diesel engines in all newly built machines. Engines that emit fewer harmful substances with the use of an exhaust gas after-treatment. 

Perfect timing to introduce our new range of mixing units! We have started with the development of the models M405D and M705D. Not only does the new range meet the latest environmental requirements, it is also optimized in terms of user convenience and design.

The mixing unit M705D has a 5000 liter tank and an AMTEQ250 centrifugal pump. The mud is agitated in the tank in both models with a built-in nozzle system. To meet stage V environmental requirements, this unit is powered by a Hatz 3H Diesel engine, which offers a capacity of 700 liters per minute.

The mixing unit M405D has a capacity of 400 liters per minute and a 5000 liter tank. This unit also has an AMTEQ250 mix pump and is powered by a Hatz 2L41C Silentpack diesel engine.

This range of mixing units are optionally available with a dual tank system of 3000 or 5000 liters, fixed or as a separate tank on the frame in a color of choice. The robust steel frames are movable with a forklift and has hoist eyes. Interested, questions or remarks? Please let us know! Mail to info@sitetec.nl.

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