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Different ways of overhauling

Due to our way of building, our units last for many years! Maintenance, intensive use and weather conditions affect the life span of the units. When a unit is at the end of its career, the customer is faced with a choice; to purchase a new unit, to overhaul the used unit or to technically check and service the used unit? We help you chose between the different ways of overhauling.

We like to assist our customers with making the right decision during this process! In a series of 4 posts on social media, we showed the possibilities that deliver the desired result for the customer. We also described the possibilities of how we offer a used SiteTec unit to the occasion market. (1. As is 2. Complete rebuilt 3. Technical check and service)
When you have missed the posts, not to worry, we have placed them again below.

Post 1

beforeafter MX850 e1602579134314When purchasing a new unit, a used unit can be traded in. Like this MX850 from France, a unit that has contributed to many horizontal drillings. After a good experience, the customer buys a new mixing unit M705 with a stage V diesel engine with a trade-in discount for the used MX850. The customer is satisfied with his new unit and obtained trade-in discount, we are excited about the revise process!

This small unit gets the most complete revision. It means that we first completely disassemble the unit, replace all piping and wear parts, the diesel engine is fully serviced and all steel work is completely blasted and repainted. Finally, the unit is carefully checked and assembled with new components. This revision process gives this unit the opportunity to contribute to many successful drilling meters again! We place this unit on the occasion market and ensure that it ends up on a great location.

Post 2beforeafter P2500d1

Our units last for many years because of our way of building. After intensive use, overhauling is the perfect solution! This ensures that the unit can contribute to many successful drilling meters again. A unit can be overhauled according to factory standard in different levels. From just replacing pipework, reconditioning the pump to fully sandblasting and repainting the unit. Anything a customer wants is possible. The unit is first fully tested upon entry. In a test document we issue our advice and quotation. After agreement with the customer, we can get started! The photos below show the overhauling of a P2500D with 10.000 operating hours on the clock from Van Vulpen B.V. This unit has been completely disassembled, all wear parts and pipework have been replaced and the diesel engine has been serviced by a Cummins dealer. Before we start assembling with new components, the unit is completely sandblasted, sprayed and insulated again. It has been extensively tested under load and then delivered to van Vulpen. This unit is guaranteed to run for thousands or more hours again!

Post 3DSC00165 scaled

We know our own units the best! From the way of building to the used materials. This is why we are happy to repurchase our own units when they are available. As soon as a unit arrives at our workshop, it is first fully tested.

This was also the case with this R1000EL from 2009 with over 8,000 operating hours on the clock. The technical inspection showed that this R1000EL was in good condition, so it did not have to be completely disassembled. The generator has been disassembled in order to receive a full service from a specialist. In addition, one shaker bed motor (vibration motor) has been replaced. To optimally drive the pump, the electric motor of 45kw has been replaced as well. Finally, all wear parts are checked and replaced when necessary. After a successful last test run, the recycling unit is running like new again and is ready for sale. This unit has found a new owner in Italy!

Post 4

Our units are built to last! Sometimes a unit exchanges owner a couple of times, before it comes back to us. Like this P1400D, built in 2008. The previous owners took good care of this unit; regular maintenance and on time replacement of wear parts. Therefor we rated after a testrun under load, that this unit was in a good condition. So no need for overhauling, just testing a high quality built unit and confirming it is still good to run for many more hours! We found a customer abroad who was in need for a used unit.

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