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AMTEQ has more than 25 years of experience in the HDD and vertical drilling business. They are a very important and strong supplier of OEM and after sales products. They can serve the industry with the best quality products and offering the best solutions for all different drilling projects.

AMTEQ Bohrzubehör GmbH

Besides that, AMTEQ is a stable and reliable supplier. Who are able to deliver quickly, offer the best quality with good service for a very competitive price. In most SiteTec units an AMTEQ centrifugal pump is used.

Amteq dealer HDD parts

Tools and parts of AMTEQ  

AMTEQ‘s centrifugal pumps of the Mud Max 250 + Mud Max Compact series have been designed for extreme applications and for the toughest requirements. To meet these requirements, we are offering a product on the market which stands out by its extremely powerful use and allows maximum duty applications.

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