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A unique overhauling project!

For our customer Welvreugd, we completed a unique overhauling project. Due to our way of building, SiteTec units last for many years! Maintenance, intensive use and weather conditions affect the life span of the units. The mix pump unit MP1000DH from Welvreugd was built in 2007 and with 11.320 hours of service, it needed a revision, but also another upgrade.

In the Netherlands a lot of clients set strict conditions to emission requirements for contractors. Within urban areas and other areas, environmental regulations are more strict and electric units are a common requirement. So our customer asked us to transform this diesel and hydraulic driven mix pump unit in to a fully electric mix pump unit; making it deployable in more projects. And being SiteTec we did just that!

We took in the mix pump unit, checked it completely and did a revision on the following parts:

The FMC – M16 was completely checked and serviced; wearparts were changed where needed. The frame was taken apart, dents were taken out, rust was treated, the unit was sandblasted and completely re-painted. All hydraulics and diesel connections were taken out. The electric motors were placed in the unit and connected, so the unit can run fully electric. Because of the frequency converter the unit can run with different capacities up to a 1000 liters per minute @70 bar.

Welvreugd also wanted to have an Amteq transfer pump built in the unit. This makes the unit even more flexible deployable in different projects. Adding a wireless remote control was the last part of making this mix pump unit futureproof.

After days of testing we proudly send this unit of to our client. The whole project is an environmental progress. We recycled a great unit  and gave him another good 8000 hours. But this transformation also makes this now a fully electric unit deployable again for our customer Welvreugd. Sustainability works both ways in this case! We can definitely call it a unique overhauling project.

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