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Kerr Pumps Parts & Tools

Everything at Kerr Pumps is designed, engineered, machined, assembled and tested under one roof. This allows us to communicate effectively across the entire company which improves collaboration, problem solving and response time. No other pump company in the world has this advantage.

Kerr pumps fluid ends

Kerr pumps produces fluid ends since 1946. The fluid end is the heart of pumping performance. At Kerr pumps they take great pride in proven designs and manufacture the highest quality fluid ends. The tolerances achieved by their CNC machines is equal to or better than anyone in the industry. To achieve the smoothest flow, each forging is precision machined with a proprietary tooling that mills a precise combination of taper, radius, and polish enabling a Kerr fluid end to outperform and last longer than the competition.

kerr pumps stuffing box
kerr pumps pony rod glands

Kerr pumps at SiteTec Units

We use Kerr pumps in our pumping units, high pressure pump and mix pump units. Pumping units are used to pump drilling fluids to the drill rig during a horizontal or vertical drilling. Our units are built to pump bentonite based liquids, grout and other drilling fluids. Our range of pumping units varies in capacity of 10 up to 3500 liters per minute and up to 150 bar. In SiteTec units, we don’t use Kerr pumps standardly, but if a customer wishes, we can built these into our units.  

Different types of tools and parts of Kerr

We do have all Kerr parts available. Original and OEM parts, however the customer wishes. We have various Kerr Pumps parts on stock, like a planetary Gear assembly, KP-KT-KM – 323, KM-KP-350, valve covers, power end, hydraulic drive adaptor, crankshaft, bearing housing, connecting rod, pony rod, cover plate, fluid end, valve spring, valve puller wing, o ring, piston chamber, water manifold, gasket, discharge valve, oil manifold, piston cup and more.

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