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Mission offers centrifugal pumps including the popular Magnum pump. The Magnum of Misson has an open impeller design that contains wide-tipped vanes. And a more tangential circumference of the suction allowing the pump to create a smoother flow pattern when handling abrasive fluids.

Mission at SiteTec HDD Equipment

We use industrial pumps in our pumping units, high pressure pump and mix pump units. Pumping units are used to pump drilling fluids to the drill rig during a horizontal or vertical drilling. Our units are built to pump bentonite based liquids, grout and other drilling fluids. Our range of pumping units varies in capacity of 10 up to 3500 liters per minute and up to 150 bar.

Mission Pumps are not a standard in our units. The time of delivery is too long and the transport costs are too high. On customers request we do built them in our units. Therefor we service them and have all wear parts available.

MISSION Well Service Pumps WS-600 HDD

Mission centrifugal pumps

A part of National Oilwell Varco, the Mission line of centrifugal pumps are equipped with innovative features to match the demanding nature of routine, corrosive and abrasive applications. Because of the need for a low pressure mud system, Mission 1780 Type W centrifugal pumps were introduced in 1950s to replace duplex pumps. The aim was to apply a high quality centrifugal pump with concentric systems that allowed for abrasive fluids to be mixed and transferred thereby lowering the initial and maintenance costs of drilling. As a result, centrifugal pumps with low pressure mud systems such as Mission 1780 Type W became the industry standard.

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