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OTECO Parts & Tools

OTECO, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high quality oilfield equipment and accessories since 1948. Their product offering is extensive, including: Gate Valves, Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges, Fluid End Consumables, Replacement Rubber Products, Rig Hardware of all kinds, and other products such as our OTECO Connector and our custom made rig Shock Pads.


Every OTECO product is manufactured to exacting standards for long lasting performance under tough oilfield conditions. When you specify OTECO products, you purchase quality with time proven design and manufacturing experience.

OTECO safety valve

A safety valve is a valve that acts as a fail-safe. An example of safety valve is a pressure relief valve (PRV), which automatically releases a substance from a boiler, pressure vessel, or other system, when the pressure or temperature exceeds preset limits. Safety valves are used at SiteTec in our pumping units or mix pump units. Pumping units are used to pump drilling fluids to the drill rig during a horizontal or vertical drilling. Our units are built to pump bentonite based liquids, grout and other drilling fluids. Our range of pumping units varies in capacity of 10 up to 3500 liters per minute and up to 150 bar.

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OTECO & SiteTec Units

Because we use OTECO in all our units, we have parts on stock. Commonly use parts are gate valves, relief valve, shear pin safety relief valve, spring, outer seal, copper ring, whearplate, wear plate, cushion ring, Oteco major repair set or a minor repair set, pressure gauge, o ring, indicator plate and more. Besides offering repair kits and Oteco parts, we also overhaul gate valves and pressure relief valves. Is your unit not working properly, are there leaks or does the pressure relief valve no longer respond like before? Complete replacement of these units is not always necessary, having parts checked and overhauled often offers a cheaper and more sustainable solution! We overhaul according to factory specifications with original parts.

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