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Quick, clean, highly efficient and ready for the future.

Besides offering a complete standard range of HDD mud equipment with a capacity of 100 to 4000 ltr/min. SiteTec has built a big variety of custom built units over the years. Last year our Belgium dealer Vermeer BLX came to us with their customer Euroboringen.

A drilling company that puts quality and efficiency first. They have been active in the HDD industry for over 15 years. For their range of 10 to 50 ton drill rigs they needed to be equipped with a flexible mixing unit, recycling unit and pumping unit.

Euroboringen likes to act quick and be able to move settings and projects as fast as possible, the quickest rig up and rig down time is most important to them. But also transporting the setup in an environmental friendly matter, with as little of transportation movement as possible. And for future use the unit needed to be able to receive electrical power from the grid. Therefore they wanted to have a setup that could be moved in once on a trailer, but could be separated when needed.

Our challenge
Our challenge; construct a complete electrically run mixing, pumping and recycling unit in one with a capacity of 1000 litres per minute. That is when the idea of a MRP1000EG was born. A complete 1000 ltr mud plant driven by a stage V generator moved by a Euro 6 truck. Quick, clean, highly efficient and ready for the future.

Together with our customer we came up with the ideal shape, setup and lay out of the MRP1000EG. As SiteTec we take the wishes of our customer serious, but take the lead in the realisation process of the design. With our experience, we make sure the design can give the results that SiteTec stands for.

From front to back is the mixing unit M1000E, the recycling unit R1000E and on the back a pumping unit P1000E. We added a generator power pack to the trailer, making the unit deployable in all areas, even in remote areas, when there is no excess to the grid available. Other built-in features on the unit are high pressure cleaner, hoses, stairs, work lights, storage cabinets and clean water tanks.

  • Mixing unit has a capacity of 1000 ltr/min and a 17m³ tank
  • Recycling unit has a capacity of 1000 ltr/min with a 5m³ tank
  • Pumping unit with a FMC pump also has a capacity of 1000 ltr/ min
  • Generator is a stage V Atlas Copco with a Scania diesel motor

We wish Euroboringen many successful drilling meters!


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