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R2000E + ST1200E = the perfect combination.

Our recycling unit R2000E and storage unit ST1200E is a combination that deserves some special attention. 

The combination of these two units is the perfect setting while using a small footprint on jobsite. The units are very convenient in transport, because of the hook arm system, an expensive tele crane is no longer needed. The R2000E easily slides on the ST1200E, making the set up quick, easy and safe.

Combining the coarse and fine shakers in one shakerbed makes it possible for this unit to be compactly built. With a capacity of 2000* liters per minute, the compact dimensions do not restrict its capacity or quality. The unit provides an option to function with a single shaker bed. If 1,000 liters per minute is sufficient, the R2000E compact can also function with a single shaker bed by means of a parallel recycling system. The automatic recycling system ensures that the pit pump is switched on automatically when required. In addition, this model optionally has an extra storage tank for dirty or clean mud storage.

Check all benefits in the video below.

(* based on dirty mud with 20% sand)

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