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SiteTec’s specialty; the Mix Pump units!

SiteTec is specialized in building Mix Pump units. We construct standard models that vary in capacity from 150 ltr/min up to 1500 ltr/min. But we also build units according to the (special) wishes of our customers.

During these ‘custom built’ processes, we work closely with the customer during the design phase. All customer’s wishes are included in the design, therfor the unit fits perfectly with the work that the customer carries out. Our customer Verbree has been working ‘in the ground’ for more than 50 years. Their experienced staff has challenged us to deliver a unit that could hardly be more complete than this MP750DH. With ‘ingredients’ such as a 300hP John Deere diesel engine, an FMC pump, AMTEQ centrifugal pumps, Sauer hydraulics and Bray valves, building a high-quality unit seems like an easy job. Nevertheless, the construction of a mix pump unit of this caliber requires the capacity and experience that we have gained at SiteTec over all those years. This is why; SiteTec is specialized in building Mix Pump units.


“Wishing Verbree b.v. many succesfull drilling meters!”

Verbree specializes in the installation of directional bores and bow sinkers. Their 3 drilling teams ensure that work can be done parallel on different projects. Verbree is adding this unit to their extensive equipment fleet. The uniqueness of this mix pump unit? It is not just complete; with all equipment needed onboard. Thanks to the all-in-one solution, Verbree can work most efficiently at any location. The small footprint of the unit ensures that the drilling crew can carry out their work optimally, even when there is little space available. This allows Verbree to deliver the high quality work that the company stands for. The unit is powered by a 300 hp stage V diesel engine, which of course meets the latest emission requirements.

We would like to thank the company Verbree for the trust and the pleasant cooperation! During projects like this we develop new possibilities and options for our units, which takes our design to a higher level. The photos below show the process, from construction to the first meters on location.



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