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Read the latest news of SiteTec! If you like to stay up to date in the market of HDD equipment, check our latest news. We like to write about news brought to us by our customers. They are the ones that are in the field and experience our equipment the most! Besides that; we bring you news articles about our latest partnerships and other developments within SiteTec and our branche.

Whenever we launch a new SiteTec range of bentonite mixing units, you will read it here! Also a short film of how the SiteTec production process looks like is on this page. Or for example if we create a mud reclaiming system that recycles bentonite or grout and perfectly fits a storage unit; the first place to read about it is here! Or the overhauling proces of a unit which has made more than 800 hours. You can also read about the unique development of an electric pump installantion which has his own built in generator. Even when our customer has succeeded in a challenging drilling, with an exceptional distance, or in a challenging soil type. We are not just pleased for our customers, we are proud that our equipment could support them on the job. With these articles we like to give you a view in our world and developments.

Bring us some news!

We try to keep a good variaty in the news we bring. Have you experienced something that you would like us to write about, or do you want us to visit your location, take some pictures or write an article about you and your experiences? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We send over a reporter and create someting unique for your and for our website. Please contact us by mail: info@sitetec.nl and let us know in details what the story is about.