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Petol Gearench Parts & Tools

If you need parts and tools from Petol Gearench, you will find them at SiteTec. PETOL™ GEARENCH was founded in Houston, Texas in 1927. The first patented product, the Gearench, was called The Greatest Utility Wrench on the Market. From this original tool, the company has grown and developed over 40 product lines for use in various areas of the oil field as well as many other vital industries. With nearly a century of designing, manufacturing and delivering reliable tools we are now PETOL™ a name inspired by the founders. Trust us to continue to be Quality Driven — from the tools we make to the service we offer.

Gearench tongs

Gearench tongs allows the operator to turn pipe in either direction without removing the tong or unhooking the chain. PETOL™ Chain Tongs Designed to eliminate the crushing effect on pipe and tool joints sometimes associated with conventional style chain tongs and pipe wrenches. Last year we visited our customer Klever, who was  pointed out by the labour inspection. The tongs that were used could move, bend and possibly shoot loose. This can cause dangerous situations, because the tongs could not be fully secured around the drill rod.

The new Gearench tongs have a chain that wraps around the drill rod, this ensures that they cannot shoot away. Read the full article here:

Petol Fitting Tongs

PETOL™ FITTING TONGS -formally known as Gearench- are designed to make up and break out connections having narrow or confined gripping areas. The tongs are easily applied and removed, and are available in two sizes to provide proper leverage for the job.

Petol Gearench & SiteTec

The handles have a heavy duty I-beam design. All sizes are equipped with heat-treated PETOL Special Chains which can be furnished in longer lengths for working larger diameters. Please contact us so we can advise you which Petol product is suitable for you.

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